~for Animals and their People~

Greetings!  My name is Judyth Whitebear ~ Medicine Woman of the Miquon. I offer 30 years of experience with healing and communicating with animal companions, and now I offer similar services for their people. 


All healing is self healing -- as a "healer," I act as a conduit or catalyst, thus facilitating a person's or animal's own healing power.  I also see myself as an adjunct to, never a replacement for a medical (western and/or holistic practitioner.

A Spiritual and Wholistic Approach to Wellness and Balance

Here are some of the services I provide ...


  Shamanic Healing & other Spiritual and Energetic Modalities

  Animal (Telepathic) Communication

  Word Medicine (Spiritual Guidance) <c> and Animal Ally Readings  

  Informative articles about healing and transformation


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