Angelic Waters Essences


The Angelic Waters Essence is a pure Spirit remedy, which I have been so blessed to be given the opportunity to provide to others.


The classic flower essence or remedy is made with plant material, floated on pure water, to make a vibrational healing essence.


When I co-create the Angelic Waters Essence, I call in the energies of plants, animals, and Beings of Higher Consciousness, who charge a bottle of pure water with their essence.  When made for an individual, I request that only that which is for the Highest Good of that person or animal be done.  Thus the animals, plants and other Beings who come forward are those chosen by Spirit itself.  


I am very excited about these elixirs, and cherish any feedback that those who have used them give to me.


~ AUGUST 2017 - SPECIAL for the MONTH~

All Wellness Consultations include a bottle of Angelic Waters Essence (a $25 value); I ask only that you cover the shipping charges.